Cyber Attacks, Part of the Plan?

Cyber Attacks, Part of The Plan?

The most recent New York Times article[i] raised public alarm over Russian hacking at the highest levels of our government. To capture the importance of this event, the authors state, the hacking activity “is among the greatest intelligence failures of modern times!” Of course, the material subjected to the hack was mostly unclassified documents and data, and the article questioned why the US Cyber Espionage Command didn’t do a better job of safeguarding the information.

The NSA, FBI and others seemingly were caught ‘off guard’ with their respective pants down this time, but have been aware since 2015 the Russian cyber hacking has ramped up. The article laid lots of blame on our intelligence community for missing this one. I have another slant. Complacency as an overt act of collusion.

Hey, we have to remember not every one who wears a uniform or serves the military in some capacity is privy to our country’s deepest, and perhaps, darkest kept secrets. Earlier I posited Russia and US collusion with alien entities as part and parcel to the clandestine association going on ever since post WWII, specifically since the UFO crashes at Roswell, NM.  July, 1947 (See earlier post in two parts, Art of War in The Heavenlies). I see espionage as a kind of ‘information-sharing’ avenue, and in this case, it was by happenstance the sharing was even brought to light!

I tend to think of these ‘comrades-in-arms’ aliens as angels fallen from grace such as were mentioned in the Bible, Genesis chapter 6. Therein the scriptures state that one third of the heavenly host fell with Lucifer, yet not all later sinned in the way of the “Watchers” who took human female wive(s), corrupting the human mDNA gene pool! So profuse was the corruption, the Almighty brought a flood calamity to clear the dross so to speak. Yet there remains, perhaps, seed of the serpent blood lines, and these vestigial lines may very well be of those individuals who wield immense power and worldly authority, the secret movers and shakers behind the scene manipulating so as to rule.

Other voices have been very vocal about who and where these blood lines are, exposing such is not my intent with this piece. I just offer an out-of-the-box slant to this idea of corporate, tit for tat espionage that has been going on for a long, long time. Complacency as an overt act of collusion.


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