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Theodore A Henning II is a self-styled folk artist; musician and singer who lives in Texas. His musical interests span several genres which he writes his original music and compositions. He began by learning dobro guitar [a slide guitar style used in bluegrass and country music] taught by Stu Ramsay, who himself was a musical prodigy of traditional folk artists associated with the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago. Theo went on to perform dobro with Ramsay who billed himself as Stu Ramsay and The Clary’s Grove Boys. The group mainly promoted the Mercury Records album that featured Ramsay’s multi-instrument talents.

After Clary’s Grove Boys, Theo joined an obscure group, The Calumet Sag and Sanitary Canal River Valley Boys, again doing mostly bluegrass renditions. Throughout this period his concentration was dobro. With the break up of the band, Theo set upon the quest to develop his own folk style. A three-year military tour gave him opportunity to perform covers at various clubs in Germany with USO folks, opening for such notables as Phyllis Dillar, Charlie Pride, the Big Bopper, etc. But it wasn’t until the 1990’s that he started creatively writing his own music and lyrics.

His inspirational album Train Is A Comin’ was his first successful recording which received favorable reviews and was aired on 47 radio stations across eleven states, Holland and England. Forming a trio, The Apostle Credo Band, with Jackie Odum and David Hooten in Fort Worth was his next rewarding step. For three and one half years the ACC band performed at bluebonnet and wildflower festivals, Fort Worth’s Mayfest five years in a row, Cowtown Stockyards events including Pioneer Days, Stockyard Station, and Red Steagall’s gathering, and other such venues around the State. It was during this time that Theo wrote a couple of songs venerating the Texas State flower, the Bluebonnet, which ultimately lead to the bluebonnet lovesong compilation CD, Texas Roadside Blues, released in 2001.

2011 saw two projects released: Kasihnya Yang Sejati Theo’s Indonesian language CD, and Folkin’ Along The Highway: A Few Holes In My Shoes, a collection of folk inspired original songs. Theo did all the instrumentation. His song I Want To Dream In Color Not This Black and Blue was released, its message concerns partnership abuse, he hoped to bring awareness to this oft-hidden malady affecting many couples. Chanson De La Me’re [A Mother’s Song] was written for a woman who lost her life in Paris when she threw herself down over her young son as jihadists attacked the Bachalan concert hall in 2015.

His latest CD JUST SOME STUFF, features more home-spun original tunes including two iconic songs for Mineral Wells, TX, titled, Crazy Water, and Baker Hotel Blues. Theo has branched out into writing with several monograph length works at Amazon KDP and Smashwords.com His latest success is his adventure / mystery novel titled, THE SAUWASTIKA ENIGMA, available at Amazon.com in ebook format and print. Through WideAs Texas he markets various creations and acquired things of interest. To chat with him, use bluebonnets_trb@msn.com To view his newest youtube video, Rights & Liberty, go to https://youtu.be/IMGCUL0ReYc   Check out his music website at http://www.theodoreahenningii.com


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