Covid-19: Just The Beginning

My wife called me that early morning, telling me to turn on the television set. Before my eyes was a scene right out of Independence Day, or it could have been! The back part of a jet could be seen dangling way up, hundreds of feet in the air with its nose and front fuscilage burrowed into the Tower! Both towers were ushering billows of smoke, and oft seen flames. The news announcer could only speculate how or even why such a tragedy took place. What could have gone wrong with the plane to deviate so? And as I watched in horror, there was no mistaking the intentional second plane. What transpired over the next few hours was bone-chilling macabre. I wept.

Soon afterwards, it was announced that radical Islamic Muslims had been the masterminds of the attack. Even the Pentagon had experienced near devastation! Occasionally, the TV news would air a video glimpse of how Muslims in other parts of the world reacted to our woe. They hooped and hollered, often seen brandishing rifles, a glowering ascent to the demise of the iconic Twin Towers that had stood so tall in the New York skyline. Down the investigative road we learned some flight school sap in Florida had been approached by several Middle-eastern characters desiring flying lessons. “We only want to learn how to fly, we don’t need to learn how to land,” or something like that was spoken. Idiot.

Living here in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area I kept keenly aware over the next few months for any word from our local Muslim clerics. I watched the news, checked the papers and hoped. In the months and years that followed there was no public Islamic voice denouncing the terrorists or their acts. There was concern here and there regarding bank account seizures and freezes, but no one of any report publically came out against the actions of Islamic zealots, not one.

In the years that followed we have seen the growing sentiment of our government embracing ideological tenants of foreign interest, to arrive at a point in American history where our very fabric of existence might be at risk. The seeds of change had been sewn here in America even before 9-11 event. The mantra of the 1960’s conscientious objectors was to effect change by working from within the system, I know for a fact I had Communist teachers in my Chicago suburban high school, and after my military time I found these same individuals migrating to teaching at the State university level!

The whole process to enact change is to do it subtly, like back-masking the old 78 records. Well, modern advertising has done a pretty good job of pushing our buttons without too much rebellion on our part. But how do the movers and shakers, those puppet masters behind the Manchurian candidates bring about a One World Government and or a One World Religion? Conditioning.

Perhaps you’ve heard that if you do something for 21 days in a row, you will create brain pathways that make embracing the task easier. It worked with animals, and trust me, it works with such things as weight-loosing programs! Program your mind through repetition and familiarity! Which brings me to this Covid-19 mask situation. Mandatory wearing of a facial coverings is in some way done to help curb the spread of the viral disease, yet there are many voices stating otherwise. For those in public office that goose-step right along with the program, at least through the mandates for the minions under their jurisdiction, the exercise seems strangely like mass conditioning to me. Do you see anything familiar regarding the “Gators” on the left and right in the pix? The central figure is wearing an Islamic ‘Hijab’… Just my thoughts on the subject.

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