Part 2 The Art of War In The Heavenlies

Zhànzhēng de yìshù  
The Art of War In The Heavenlies Part 2
When I first began researching for my historical fiction novel, The Sauwastika Enigma (pub. at it became apparent from what information was available on the Internet at that time that Hitler and his closest cohorts were true occultists in every sense of the word. Not only did such notables as the Russian occultist Madam Blavatsky, the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, and master of black arts, Aliester Crowley have the ears of Hitler and his high ranking officials, the German occultists were delving heavily into the darker Bavarian occult. Even in the early 1930’s Hitler had emissaries searching all over the globe for occult / religious artifacts believed to wield cosmic energy (e.g. power) to the possessor. Additionally, they believed in a hollow earth! 
I had read an article by the late David Flynn[1] wherein he postulates the UFO crashes at Roswell, NM in 1947 were done purposefully, with motive and intent. His argument is very convincing. Given a slant I was working in my novel, I needed to know if there had ever been a UFO crash in Germany. To my surprise, with a little research we discovered that a UFO had crashed in Freiberg, Germany in 1936, (and earlier in Poland in 1932) during the height of Hitler’s rise to power! Within a couple years, Hitler had scientists researching and developing all sorts of avenues that could bolster his rise to being the supreme world leader. In some respects, the Peenemunde advances had far surpassed American inventions. This fact became glaringly apparent during the War, and toward the end Washington instituted a salvage war-spoils measure termed, Operation Paperclip[2] wherein key German scientists were promised the moon, brought back here to America, and given opportunity to do the same research for us!
1947 was key to establishing the United States awareness that we are not alone. I make the assumption in my book that the German occultists entered into a pact with the occult entities that manifested during their séances; an agreement made to trade technology for carnage and chaos. America entered the War by default, brought in by the assault of the Japanese. However reluctantly we entered, the Germans never fully completed their end of the occult bargain. When we installed German research scientists here in our big 10 Universities and cooperating companies, the 1947 crashes only served to seal the same agreement with America: technology for carnage and chaos. Back-engineering began in earnest, and we’ve been at it ever since!
From the first notable UFO abduction[3] in the US, that being Barney and Betty Hill, experiences such as theirs have been catalogued and researched by scores of psychologists, as well as UFOlogists seeking to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Now that more than 50 years have gone bye, the corpus of data, testimonies, tapes, films, etc. demonstrates something extraordinary is going on. What was at first dismissed by leading psychiatrists now has these same experts assenting to this; whatever is happening, it is not a figment of human imagination!
Another strange but important event was the Artic exploration done by Adm. Richard Byrd in 1947. Supposedly he encountered an alien race after flying some 1400 miles into the hollow of the earth at the Arctic pole, beyond the point of useful magnetic compass readings. What he saw, heard and experienced was deemed classified, and he never did get to personally talk of his flight.[4] Yet, he met with an alien race living in the hollow of our inner earth! A race of white beings, undoubtedly the same entities Hitler thought existed at legendary Agartha inside the earth that gave rise to his Aryan race!
Admiral Byrd had an illustrious career in the US Navy, making several excursions to Antarctica before his final foray dubbed Operation High Jump, a massive undertaking involving 4,700 men, 13 ships including one aircraft carrier, and 25 airplanes.[5] Why so much military might was necessary is subject to speculation, but he had been to Antarctica several times before and possibly knew things not publically reported. I did see a Youtube video several years ago purporting to be 35mm footage from the 1951 Operation showing Byrd’s armada being attacked by flying discs that flew up out of the water, (haven’t been able to find it since)!
Never the less, it is fact that Antarctica is a place Hitler was highly interested in even before the War. After the War, after Adm. Byrd’s Operation High Jump, the US moved toward a multi-nation treaty (China conveniently left out), one that would ensure ‘scientific exploration’ could be done without any establishment of military bases or armament there. In other words, establish the Antarctic continent as a demilitarized zone.[6]
If Adm. Byrd had actually flown into the earth, and been greeted by an alien race… we must remember the remaining fallen angels and Satan himself are still freely roaming this planet! Many survivors of UFO abductions are now of the opinion that these cosmic invaders are less likely to be intergalactic travelers and more likely to be ‘spiritual’ entities from right here on/in this earth! Yet not all investigators believe the phenomenon to be “real” but psychopathological.[7] Such would not be the case if these angel entities actually move about in the dimension just beyond our normal human capacity of perception. (See following. Mark 16:9-15 Jesus “appears” then disappears several times, Acts 8:39 Philip disappears and reappears somewhere else. Were they using the same cross-dimensional mechanism as these fallen angels/demons posing as aliens?)[8]
Fallen angels led by Lucifer have been manifesting themselves masquerading as intergalactic travelers, aka aliens, of higher evolutionary status than we mere human beings, and are here to ‘help’ mankind reach our full evolutionary potential! According to former Canadian Defense Minister Hellyer, the United States has been colluding with these ‘alien races’ in underground research facilities since the Roswell incident, facilities termed DUMBs.[9]
NASA has an unnatural interest in reaching certain destinations, MARS for example. There are those who believe Mars was once inhabited, and that some kind of nuclear war transpired there.[10][11] Masons have long embraced aspects of the occult, recognizing this in their slogan, “As above, so below.”[12]
When we consider all the animal mutilations, the abductions, the “medical” procedures performed on them, the tiny implants discovered under the skin, crop circle anomalies, not to mention poltergeist activity, etc. we can understand that beings possessing even a miniscule more brain power than we lowly humans could very well be toying with us! Not only that, they deceive us easily because they are thousands of years old, having become experts in understanding the human mind, how we think and react. I would go so far as to say ALL negative supernatural events and activity is instigated by these fallen beings. They are fallen, because God has barred them from returning to their former status and habitat. 
When we consider that Russia and the US have colluded with fallen angels, it is understandable why China was left out of the arrangement. Opposing forces always need a “one up” on their perceived enemies. Although namesake Communists, I see a parallel to the estrangement we see within Islam between Shia-Sunni factions generally. Furthermore, the Chinese people have a long recorded history, perhaps the longest. Even ancient Chinese language characters embody the early Genesis facts, so we see primal knowledge of the fall of man, the Edenic interloper, and the watery purge preserved by the Chinese language.[13] 
So then, what is the conspiracy? The Bible promises that someday Jesus the Messiah, Savior of the world will return to earth to establish a physical kingdom. Lucifer had been emaciated by the crucifixion, which he thought would put an end to Christ. However, because Jesus was pure and innocent of original Adamic sin, he was vindicated by the resurrection. The cross was the “bruise his heal” event, the resurrection was the “crush your head” even of the Genesis 3:15 curse. Had Lucifer known this was God’s plan all along, the powers of darkness would never have sought human agency to kill Jesus![14] Notice Lucifer wasn’t in a situation to do the job himself, humans had to be the agency of death. The resurrection changed the game.
These fallen angels, not being able to return to the spiritual plane of existence had to struggle with being earth=bound. Putting their collective knowledge together, they developed the crafts we call UFOs. Yet according to Revelation in the Bible (which states it is Jesus’ revelation to John who wrote the book) there is coming a conflict between Satan with his followers and Christ when he returns. In order for this conflict to occur, Satan has to again deceive humankind. This has been going on for 2000 years! Yet, you might ask, where does he get his army of followers?
The fact of the corrupted DNA remains. I postulate there are individuals, human-like, that have this angel DNA, and thus are not truly human, but hybrid. The human DNA genome has not been totally unlocked, about 8-10% remains undefined. This is referred to as “stutter” genetic material, and in some cases of unusually long sequences very difficult to unravel, and this stutter material has to do with the most difficult aspects of our make up![15] Jesus gave us a thread of understanding of this in the parable of the Wheat and the Tares. Plus, in Revelation he reveals that true humans have their names written in God’s book. Yet by Revelation 17:8 we learn there are a great number who have never had their names in God’s book at all! These then are they who side with Lucifer in his heavenly war against God as they have nothing to lose. Earth bound Satan/ Lucifer has sought to enlarge his numbers. Given the prospect of governmental collusion with these entities, perhaps what appears to us as innocuous scientific endeavors, are in fact Trojan horses. An example comes to my mind. UPDATE 9/15/21 The following link is to a video that pulls all the pieces together regarding the aim of the elite. Genocide being secondary, but being able to ERACE the human proclivity to worship God being the goal! This is the aim of genetic engineering NOW, and the video shows how! Important!
Some years ago I had lengthy discussion with one of the engineers in the design and construction of the radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. The facility was erected to enable sending a ‘signal’ into outer space and then listening for a reply in hopes of contacting extraterrestrial life as part of the SETI program. It occurred to me years later that by 1961, these colluding alien angels desired to contact comrades out there in space somewhere. That parabolic installation was the perfect ‘cover’ to initiate covert communication with them, perhaps piggy-backing a hidden signal or such!
At the close of 2016, notable dignitaries made a mad dash for Antarctica. All sorts of stories emerged but the most alarming story was that a frozen place in the ice housed massive creatures resembling angels! The book of Enoch alludes to this, and Israeli New Live on put together a couple releases demonstrating this possibility.[16] Thus we see Antarctica has been a secret focal point of US policy since 1947, as tho guarding the place of imprisoned angels until such time as they come forth! All the years in between, from 1947 till now we have postured with these alien angels and in return certain elite factions world-wide have benefitted financially from the association.
President Trump’s RNC speech infused those with aspirations of grandeur when he spoke of establishing a presence on the moon, and putting an installation on Mars. I wonder how much they let him in on? Let the star-wars begin!

[1]An Occult Translation of The Roswell Event. 2005 included in The David Flynn Collection, 2012 by Thomas Horn. Defender Publishing, Crane, MO. pp. 505-515









[10]Death on Mars. 2015. John Brandenburg, Ph.D. Adventures Unlimited Press, USA.

[11]Mars Nuclear explosion explained J. Brandenburg 2015



[14]  Apostle Paul’s First letter to the Corinthians boldly states in chapter 2, vs.7-8, “But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the ages unto our glory; Which non of the princes of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” Paul’s references to ‘princes’ definitely addresses these fallen angels, not worldly princes. The totality of Christianity hinges on this one fact: Jesus rose from death


[16] video discusses the imprisonment of the fallen “Watcher” angels spoken about in the book of Enoch.

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