A UFO Connection

Did you ever want to write a novel? I did. An article in Treasure Magazine from 1985 about a three hundred year old Spanish silver coin possibly pointing the way to General Tokoyuki Yamashita’s gold hidden in the Philippine Islands during the close of WWII got my interest. But how do you make treasure hunting and spelunking into an interesting scenario?

Thus, a puzzle idea emerged. The puzzle itself morphed into a separate quest intertwined with the treasure hunt making it a two-fer story plot! The puzzle quickly became the Sauwastika Enigma, a moniker based upon the obscure writings of an old treasure hunter, who may have left the loose-leaf page in his journal by mistake!

Of course, the enigma had to involve Germany, the arch villain devastating Europe with grandiose desires to rule the whole world!

Very quickly in my research of Hitler and Nazi Germany of the 1930’s it became clear an occult aspect was involved. (Of course at that time there wasn’t the widespread abundance of Internet material demonstrating the Nazi –occult connection, only in the ensuing years has this information really blossomed.) I had read the late David Flynn’s article, An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event(2005), wherein he postulates that the crash was not accidental, but done with purpose and intent. He presents an in-depth Theuristic perspective, one that hid the real intent to those back at the time, an intent which had something to do with us and the year 2012, and the hubbub surrounding that date.[i]

The urban legend surrounding the Roswell crash had caught my ear many years before, but the idea that it might have been a planned event really got me thinking. Legend states our US government went about scooping up crash parts and pieces, and eventually parceled these out to companies with deep pocket R&D departments to ‘back engineer’ the technology. That would be cool, if true. But what of the occult connection?

The Nazis were conducting research into anything that would benefit their war effort; explosives, rocketry, mind control, anti-gravity, plasma and laser weaponry, you name it, not to mention chemical and biological warfare! How did they get so advanced technologically in the short span of 1932-1940? The thought hit me. Could there have been a UFO crash during Hitler’s time? And guess what? There was! Here is an excerpt from my novel, The Sauwastika Enigma. Lee Daniels, Ph.D. is explaining to Justin Teaguely the connection:

“Hitler and especially Heinrich Himmler were occultists in the truest sense of the word. The inner circle of Nazi SS led by Himmler was eye-ball deep into magic and the black arts.”

Justin chimed in. “Yes, we are aware of their superstitious nature.”

“Justin, it wasn’t justinnocuous hocus-pocus magic they were into. It was much deeper and darker than that. The whole bunch was into a Bavarian ritualistic cult that, among other things, demanded blood sacrifice, human blood sacrifice! The whole purge with the concentration camps and killing chambers can be looked upon as one big gigantic human sacrifice!” Lee thumped the tabletop with his index finger a couple times as he exclaimed this.

Justin could only stare at his friend and let him make his vehement statements. There did seem to be a thread of truth about what he was saying, at least, of what Justin knew for sure of the Holocaust. Such a conclusion wasn’t incongruous.

Lee continued. “Supposedly, during Himmler’s private occult rituals, ‘voices beyond’gave the demands which would ensure Germany’s success. And they intended to prove that intent by granting an exchange of technology.”

Justin was all ears now as Lee made this last statement. An exchange of technology by séance voices speaking to high-ranking Nazi occultists? This was all new thought for him, but not so unreasonable given the unthinkable that had transpired during that War.

Justin asked, “How could voices provide technology?”

“Great question, Justin. Have you ever heard of Roswell, New Mexico?”

“Yah. Isn’t that the place some claim an unidentified flying object crashed, back in the 1940’s, Martians or something?” Justin responded.

“Not Martians, exactly, but beings from outer space! The crash took place on July 4th, 1947 to be precise. The military, and thus our government, has always maintained that a weather balloon crashed at Roswell and not a flying saucer. But there are credible witnesses who testify to the flight path and the debris that folks saw after the crash, and they are positive it didn’t resemble any ol’ weather balloon! But that’s beside the point. What has been rumored is that not one, but two saucers crashed,and that all of the parts and pieces were scooped up and secretly hidden away at Area 51, and no one, no civilian that is, has been able to get in there to verify anything since!”

“Lee, this is all remarkable if true, but you are starting to lose me here. The scientists, remember?” Justin stated.

“When these ‘voices beyond’intimated an exchange of technology, supposedly a blood pact was made. This was in the early 1930’s. The voices followed up their end of the bargain with a saucer crash, the flying saucer crash at Freiburg, Germany in 1936! Check it out. Then the Germans started back-engineering saucer technology, and that is how they leaped to the top of the game even before the United States got involved!

Justin asked, “So, what’s the connection?”

“Well, when the War ended, America not only took possession of German scientific knowledge and researchers, bringing them to our shore, we inadvertently took possession of the blood oath as well! The Roswell crashes only helped re-focus our government and spurned them on with esoteric research.

“You see, for the past twenty-some years dismantled parts and pieces have secretly found their way into choice research facilities across the country. Raytheon, Philips, RCA, IBM, Dow, you name them, the list goes on! Why do you think government types in the guise of ‘recruiters’ are so prevalent on campuses?

“And there are campuses like UW all across America. Students everywhere are upset that the products of clandestine research projects are harming fellow human beings! Like napalm, for instance, not to mention the chemical-biological weapons currently being developed. Like, have you ever wondered where LSD came from?”

Lee said this with true sincerity in his voice. He really believed what he was saying.

“They, eh, we have been back-engineering saucer technology ever since the crashes, and in so doing, we’ve taken upon ourselves the blood-oath once belonging to Nazi Germany. It follows then, with our involvement in Korea, Laos, Viet Nam, and elsewhere. Lots of bloodshed, one massive sacrifice.

“Justin, the first hominids show up almost 3 million years ago, and a couple million years later Homo sapiens. Millions of years, Justin, just to walk upright and hunt with a sharpened piece of glass! Technology advances must have taken the Darwinian back road. Then wham! The Twentieth Century dawns, and technology zooms way beyond the prognostications of the Renaissance thinkers. I firmly believe we were helped; making the leaps we’ve made in so short a time seems so, other-worldly, don’t you think.” Lee’s statement garnered no response.

“What does all this have to do with the death of Walther Nernst?”  Justin asked.[ii]

As a youngster I like the rest of the sheep absorbed the gubbilee-gock fed us in our education; evolution, god is dead, mankind is basically good, the government has our best interest in mind, etc. etc. But it seems this world is becoming more decadent and wicked, with a malevolent intent behind it all kept just out of sight. “The truth is out there!”

[i]An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event, 2005, pp. 505-515 found in The David Flynn Collection, 2012.   Defense Publishing, Crane MO, Thomas Horn.

[ii]The Sauwastika Enigma, 2018. Theodore A Henning II  ISBN 978172082565

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