Junk Science and Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Junk Science and Stinkin’ Thinkin’

I’m one of those individuals who believes in a higher power. I tend less to believe in a collective consciousness and more in a common origin. While in high school we were introduced to the theory of evolution. The broad picture seemed to make a little sense, but when it came down to the minutiae of it all, things got fuzzy. Then Van Deniken came along with possible answers for the unanswerable observations we see in the highlands of Peru. Aliens.

We weren’t simply descended from the jawbone of Australopithecines from some spot in Olduve Gorge, Africa but we are the progeny of alien ‘seeding’ here all over the earth! Now that really makes sense! Kumbaya! Seeded, eh? Well, look at it this way if all the peoples of this world did not share a common ancestor (et el Adam & Eve) then we are not really “brothers” as in, blood brothers, are we? But if black and white, red and mongol, aisian and otherwise share a common origin, then we have reason to believe in a ‘human race’ (note singular). Of particular note, in that biblical recounting in Genesis, we find a fact of genetic importance beyond measure. God forms a man from earthly elements, breathes life into him, he becomes a living soul. So far, so good. But then he takes a rib from Adam to form Eve. Did you get that, he took a rib! He used stuff already created to form similar stuff. There was continuity of DNA. That is a profound story rendering. Yet there is something else.


Personally, I might have told it like this. God spit on some dust, rolled it around like bread dough in his hands, came up with a form, and breathed on it. IT lived! Wow. Next he got another lump of moist soil and fashioned the other one, it lived, and now there were two! Notice, my outcome is similar to God’s creation, one of each. Yet in my rendition the two are not “related” only similar. Am I related to a primate? They say we share 93% of our genome with them? NOT related, only similar! (like if 93% of the engineering construct worked the first time, why engineer something new, right?)

And that brings me back to evolution. The theory purports that given the right pressure, the right mix of elements, the right environment, yah, yah, yah, and TIME, there would occur changes that benefit the species that eventually manifest, because it’s those almost imperceptible changes in the minutiae that will eventually bring about a result of higher purpose! Survival of the fittest! Yet the human race has declined in age living shorter lives than history records in the past, we are prone to more diseases than in the past, our environment is less ‘pristine’ than at first, and there is growing concern that our own bodies are eating us alive! (Cancers, autoimmune diseases, etc). But we simply throw more pharmaceuticals at our situations instead of letting evolution have its way! Because we are human, created as we are, not evolved, we rebel against the notion that we are but one of millions passing on in life to bring about that ultimate fit generation. But to those who reject the notion of God, you are awaiting Nirvana, or a transcendental moment! I say to you, stop all medicines, power drinks, potions and pills, hasten evolution, be a part of the solution!

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