Land, Land, Oh our LAND!

Years ago I had the opportunity to do volunteer work in Indoneisa. One of the very first things I learned was the Indonesian government had a strong hand and watchful eye when it came to foreign interests. First of all, land was not a commody but a treasure. I say this in the sense that like a treasure they guarded the integrity of what constituted Indonesia; 13, 647 islands, a formidible land mass sustaining over 700 differing cultures and 1000 languages!

Foreign interests couldn’t simply come to the country and set up shop, either. For the enrichment of both, such interest needed a “partner” that may or may not have infused the commizeration with capital investment, to the tune of 51%! The foreign interest retained 49% interest! And any land purchase was made by and held by the Indonesian partner. No foreigner could/can willy-nilly purchase land in that country! There are many other countries that restrict foreign land ownership, too. However, America is not one of them.

My mind flashed to all the Asian interests in Hawaaii and the States. WE sell our inheiritance for a proverbial bowl of porrage! Everyone can enjoy a piece of ground over here! Not much in the way of restrictions. If you have the cash… Which brings me to one staggering thought: our government “owns” vast tracts of land across the country, if China ever, and I mean EVER forces the issue of debt, they could propose accepting OUR land in exchange for the debt! It wouldn’t be an Embassy in Washington, but a land mass amounting to an independent little China country occupying what used to be our soil! You think it couldn’t happen? Think again.

Sanctuary cities. Right now the focus has been on displaced latinos from south of the boarder. But to be fair, what if China, or any other country for that matter, sent an armada of ships carrying hundreds / thousands of passengers to breache our shores, are we going to blow them out of the water as they approach? I think not. Yet, there remains the possibility. And of course, California couldn’t cry “foul,” because they have already set the precedent as being a ‘sanctuary State.’

In closing, for all my Texas friends, I share the below. So much for the benefits of American citizenship, it holds as much value in the eyes of many as would a bucket of crap!  Perhaps you’ve never noticed the provision in Texas Law allowing illegals to purchase (willy-nilly) and own our land:

Texas Land Law Title I Sec. 5.005.  
ALIENS.  An alien has the same real and personal
property rights as a United States citizen.
Acts 1983, 68th Leg., p. 3481, ch. 576, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1984.



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