Meat Turned to Stone!

Meat Turned To Stone!

A couple of years ago I came across Roger Spur’s Youtube channel dealing with what he calls “mud fossils.” These are rocks at first appearance that have once been living tissue and due to the process of ‘neucleophilic substitution’ at the molecular level are now stone. I assume the same process that caused living plants and trees to become stone, as seen in the petrified forest of trees, too.

I didn’t laugh at Roger’s claims. Through his eyes and understanding what geologists hold dear in the realm of theories and explanations for the varied rock and crystal structures of our earth seemed to be challenged. Cannot an academic axiom, the saying, “think outside the box…” be the kick in the proverbial pants to foster new and insightful dialogue within mainline geology?

Mr. Spur said that such evidence as he collected has been scanned, even DNA tested proving the stone composition was once of human origin. What I find Ludacris is that no credentialed geologist or earth scientist has come forth having an open mind so as to consider the possibility! The laugh is on science.

Roger Spur also mentioned that such rock examples are literally all around us! He now has many followers who have foraged their respective habitats to obtain examples from the wild of human/ animal tissue turned to stone. I for one went right out to have a gander for myself!

You see, we had a beach house on Galveston Island. Nothing fancy, not even on the “beach.” But because the island is one big sand dune, we needed gravel brought in and spread for the drive. I figured I had nothing to lose by poking around in the gravel for something that might have been. And what do you know? I came up with a stone distal finger digit, the fleshy sides of stone but the tip flesh missing. Exposed was a distinct bone coming through with the nail pad still observable above it! I was so excited I kept searching the gravel. There was a chunk of rock that stood out like a sore thumb. It appears to be as if someone had cut pot roast meat into roughly inch and a quarter sized squares and left one behind to turn to stone!

My meat chunk rock just didn’t happen through some “volcanic” and or “heat and pressure” process. Not only can I detect some of the outer layer of skin, but the fascia in various layers is plain to the eye. Upon close examination with magnifiers even areas of red blood can be seen! It is quite remarkable. In one of Roger’s videos he does a chemical test using hydrogen peroxide. A catalase reaction occurs when the HP encounters blood or residual blood elements. And what do you know? After I dug/ scraped into one of the crevices on the rock, the reaction I was looking for happened! Catalase positive! Blood in there…

I have since misplaced my finger digit, but the chunk of rock meat is alive and well on my book shelf. Now go see what stony body parts you can find?!

Here are a couple pix of my stone-meat rock. You can see the membraneous layers on the right side as correspond to the diagram provided. Tell me what you think…

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