Post System, Another Look At It

Hello folks, I get so distraught at the way things are. All my life the answer to everything was to throw more money at it. Be it the public education system and how our kids are or are not shaping up, be it foreign relations…, even attempts at governmental curbing of inflation: enter the FEDRES. If we can’t throw money at the problems, just go ahead and print some more. One government “system” that irks the hell out of me is our US Postal Service system.

This outfit is literally sitting on countless millions, if not billions of dollars in feduciary promisary notes, and like our central government, has all these years been plundering this hoard and crying “it’s still not enough!”

A blog I wrote back in 2018 touches on this subject and I believe it is germane to our present postal condition. If only you and I could manufacture income or profit the way they do…

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