Mudfossils found in Washington!

There is a fellow up on Youtube creating quite a stir with his insights regarding the origin and makeup of rocks, rock formations, and even the mountainous areas of the world. Roger Spur of Mudfossil University[i]channel has even gone so far as to say he has found a new human species, the “no-toes.” His research and observations deal much with the chemistry/biochemistry of living tissue becoming stone through a process called, Nucleophilic Substitution, whereby trace minerals found in salt water, deposit in tissues eventually stabilizing becoming stones termed “mud fossils.’[1]

What I find interesting is that this process basically happens in a saline swamp! In Mr. Spur’s case, stone body parts from the time of the Genesis flood can be found all over the world. Now, in Washington, D.C. we witness a  ‘swamp’ as President Trump called the mired grouping of ‘good ol’ boys’ we know to be politicians. Trump wanted to drain this swamp because he knew a process was occurring in Congress causing politicians’ brains to turn to stone! And, draining the swamp might have stemmed the fossilization going on there. How do I know this could be true? The irrational thoughts and proposals coming from that austere group regarding US citizenship and voting rights leads me to no other conclusion.

Every state in this great country requires proof of personage at almost every level. Enter the Driver’s License or state ID card. Banks require proof of personage before allowing an account to be opened, and then, every stinking time you want to withdraw Your money, you have to provide at least one photo ID if not two identity proofs! Another proof regarding the Washington fossilization is how plain the situation is, and yet while almost every adult American understands that proof of identity is important, the good ol’ boys resist at every turn to institute a mandate requiring proof of who one says they are when it comes to voting. Perhaps, we have conscientiously gone along with the injustice we perceive unconsciously to be fact, that voter fraud exists and tampering will be with us until Jesus comes again! Case in point.

I once took a customer service position at a local big box store. The company issued it’s own ID card (to track purchases, etc). In order for one to shop at the store they needed to get one of these cards, for which you had to show proof of identity with two other photo Ids! A young Latino woman brought a Mexican man to me. I asked for his two ID cards, for which he produced a Mexican driver’s license. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work, as he needed two photo ID’s from companies/ states situated here in the United States! The woman was livid about getting him an ID, but there was nothing I could do. Several weeks later, I saw that same man shopping at the store with his ID. He had simply gone on down the road to another store where a Latino was working the customer service counter. In this case, a little rule-bending got him a card. Yet…

The only legitimate reason to not want a photo ID voter registration card is that these swamp powers know for a fact the game is rigged and want to keep it operating that way, and in so doing, they think the rest of we American citizens should be happy with having elections at all, even rigged ones! Oh, and the dead do rise again! Perhaps Washington has a new species, the “no brainers.”

[1]   Standing salt water, primarily water from the diluvian cataclysm as recorded in the Bible.


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