Where Have All The Statues Gone?

Since the dawn of time there has never been a universal understanding that we humans are “all one.” Many anthropologists today in recreating Neanderthal livelihood are in agreement that Neanderthals were a peripheral social group only infrequently interbreeding with the dominant homo sapiens, but mostly marginal, and self-keeping. Just who are we to think that everyone is equal? Worthy of equal regard one to another?

Even within a species there are demarcating factors; differing bird species may share the same tree throughout the day to shelter from the rain or beating rays of the Sun, but they do not otherwise mingle (except if attacking the same food source at the same time! And this harkens back to Darwinian theory survival of the fittest).

Human history has shown that there are those who subjugate and those who are subjugated. From our work place to the sports arena, someone is always vying for the position that offers the most prestige, power, glory, adulation, and perhaps, remuneration; money. From this vantage point can be seen the backs of those who bear the indignation of being less than the top dog.

So why listen to the voices that cry for equality, for unity? Good question. I don’t think everyone out there marching against perceived injustices has done the long and hard of it in thinking this thing through. Black people cannot get it out of their heads that they are no longer slaves. In every direction, the injustice of their American heritage haunts them, and it is the filter through which they look at the world around them. Testimony to this are those pulling down statues and monuments of past human American history in an effort much like that proverbial bird burying its head in the sand! Out of sight is supposed to bring an out of mind experience? I think not. If monuments to Dr. Martin Luther King are to be meaningful for generations to come, there should be representatives of the antagonists his movement attempted to dispel. What was King fighting for? The livelihood of black people! Yet we forget, those southern generals led southern men in the fight for their rights and freedom granted to them by the then government right up to the Civil War. White Southerners were not anarchists, but survivalists, fighting for the just cause of their freedom! Civil War monument figures should stand, not for the atrocities committed against black slaves, but for their part in sacrificing their lives for the freedoms, the rights and liberties this country had granted citizens, and then decided to take away! Perhaps our government through ever encroaching legislation is still taking!

If the demographic studies carried out in the 1990s proves correct, it won’t be but 10-15 years from now that Muslims may be torching and defacing these march for peace emblems of our history in their effort to bring about a Sharia led, United States of Islam! And this is done with the ultimate goal of a One World Government, a One World Religion under a One World Leader! We better wake up, America!

NIGGERS: Are We All?

Niggers: Are We All?

I once heard it said that the term nigger was a corrupted voicing of the word Nidjer, originating amongst slave traders along the Barbary Coast of Africa because they had trouble pronouncing Nidjer or rather Niger for black Nigerians, which is the most populous African group. Webster’s New World College Dictionary [1]affirms that it is a ‘dialectal variant of Negro,’ although I think Webster is stretching the etymology here, but then further indicates the word is taboo in everyday usage for anyone without appropriate patronage, being reserved for Black English only. This sounds racist to my way of thinking, and this should not be.

Growing up in Chicago and later the suburbs, ethnic groups were constantly referred to by colloquial slang English terms, it was hard for us not to catch them, and for the most part, few seemed to care. There was ‘krout’, ‘spic’, ‘kike’ and ‘dego’, ‘goy’ to mention several that come to mind, but back then, you were what you were. We received the name calling in the royal sense of a title conferred. Nobody was going to get bent out of shape because of the terms that best identified us. Along the way came the term ‘kracker’ to reference any of the above ‘white’ ethnic groups!

I really think the black community has missed a great opportunity with this Nigger thing. Let me explain. I can remember when Volkswagen first started importing those cute little Bugs! Detroit had a field day cause they were making automobiles as big as whales, and laughed at the diminutive VW with disdain. What did Volkswagen do? They capitalized on the Bug’s attributes, and those that fell negative, they spun as positives, making in the contrast the Detroit models seem exorbitant; small was not tiny, but ‘compact,’ tiny motor meant ‘an efficient, air cooled engine’, ‘increased miles per gallon’ compared to gas guzzling monster engines meant the Bug was economical, and so forth.

An Asian firm, Hawley & Hazel Company popularized a product line thDarkiee logo inspired by Al Jolson with a stylized black and white face smiling from under a tall top hat, the Darkie brand of tooth paste! There may have been other Darkie toiletries such as mints, but not much. It was a very popular brand item in the Asia Pacific countries. However, after Colgate purchased the company a tsunamic outcry started because of the background history of that word eventually forcing H&H to capitulate and change the logo to Darlie, making the character on the packages more ‘Asian’ appearing. I felt the outcry absurd. Here’s what should have happened.

H&H should have partnered with a prominent ‘black’ figure, perhaps an actor or ball player to promote the brand. Expand the toiletry line into clothing, Darkie shirts, a Darkie jeans line, Darkie bow ties, dapper shoes, and so forth. Defamation could have become an identity emancipation of sorts having become a ‘positive’ influence.

And here is the crux of the situation as I see it. All these ethnic groups I refer to above immigrated to America for a better life. They came willingly. Black African people were brought here, (admittedly against their will) sold into slavery by their black countrymen, to labor here to bring about a higher quality of life for white American owners. When Lincoln established parameters of their freedom, they found themselves without purpose or status. The right thing to do at that time would have been reparate, to return them to their homeland, to the place that gives black people their heritage and identity. But that didn’t happen and we are all here in this Kumbaya social experiment. The fact that black people refer to themselves as ‘African American’ is itself a statement of racial inequality, and because today there are fifty-four countries that make up Africa, it would be more correct for each to identify their tribal heritage or country of origin, like in ‘ I’m Mali American, or I’m Congo American if they have to have the identifier at all! Why not, “I’m an American!” this would go a long way toward unification of this nation.

White people understand that Nigerians are black, we don’t need that fact flaunted daily in our white faces! Ok, now don’t get uppity, it’s the truth. And on that note I’m sorely troubled with what is transpiring here in America. The outcry to tear down statues erected to honor men of the South because slave descendants are offended by the history is offensive to me! What has failed to be recognized in all this is that the South fought for rights and liberties granted by this country’s government, do you hear that, rights and liberties granted by our government! Southern states were fighting for their very freedom and livelihood, granted to them by the then government, the same government that ups and decides to take that freedom from them! Rights and Liberties held in esteem one moment to be withdrawn the next is denigration to those holding those rights and liberties dear. The monuments stand as testimony for all of us that freedom is worth fighting for.

By the way, wouldn’t a statue of Martin Luther King resonate like the Liberty Bell more soundly if representatives of what he detested were also to be seen? Yet, if Dr. Leaky’s assumption is correct, that the first homo sapiens originated somewhere in central Africa, and the populations from that, couldn’t we all claim to be niggers?

[1]Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 3rdED. 1996. Macmillan Publishers, USA pp. 916

I Hate Crimes Bill

I Hate Crimes Bill

Have you ever wondered why so many laws seem to overlap previously enacted legislation? Take for instance the Hate Crimes Bill. Other bills make willful mistreatment of another a criminal offense, why then a Hate Crimes Bill?

Musing upon this it came to me that all these other laws deal with the action of the perpetrator. Example, the murder law doesn’t specifically spell out the infinite ways someone might murder another, it is a ‘blanket’ law of restriction. However, the Hate Crimes Bill explores another aspect embodied in the word, hate. Hate deals with motivation and without explanation is itself the reason someone committed the antisocial behavior, hate being the motivator. Barring all other contributing motivation, if one goes to trial court under this bill, hate is deemed the motivation behind the act.

Now it is up to the authorities to decide if one would be tried under this bill, but what if there is a hidden agenda not so prevalent to our understanding? That got me thinking of all the scenarios wherein this bill could come into play. Stay with me now. Let’s suppose a few guys in the back woods somewhere come upon a Bigfoot. They shoot the thing dead. Now Bigfoot or Sasquatch hunting is a big draw in some parts of the country, and I’ve even seen some Youtube videos where a guy admits killing one, or holds up a head, or whatever. Under this new law, I’d imagine it possible to convict a person of murder, if the definition is broadened to include these other entities. I say entities, because frankly there may be quite a few non-totally-human entities around!

A guy found a group of fairies in the woods in England. Killing one could be hateful. What of more Bigfoot or Sasquash discoveries? Hateful to kill them? And now, the big one. Aliens! If a person killed an extraterrestrial entity, how would our law look at that? Case in point, some years ago I was doing language work in Indonesia. In a remote jungle area, I had privilege of talking to a young man in a mud-floor hut for several hours. He told me a story. Some distance away in another village a small 3 foot tall naked ‘ashen’ colored person suddenly appeared. He didn’t talk or try to interchange with the natives, but simply stood watching. He did this for several nights, which frightened the natives. The young man admitted to the fear saying they killed the little fellow and hid his body, burying him deeper in the jungle. I asked if he could draw a likeness of the man, to which he drew a picture of a three-fingered entity with bulbous head and almond shaped eyes! I asked why he said he was the color of fire ashes, cause he had used that word to describe him, and he replied that I was ‘putih’ white, he was ‘hitam’ black, but the dead little guy was ‘abu’ grey or ashen in color! These natives had killed an alien grey!

Could our Hate Crimes Bill be used against anyone who ‘kills’ an alien entity? The writing is on the wall! Our government has been enamored with space and finding other life forms, UFOs and aliens since the 1940’s, and legend has it that they (alien species) are here already among us. The Catholic Church wants to be first to ‘baptize’ one of them. Could we be tried in court for killing an alien under this bill?

What if?

What if?

A song I wrote some years ago that began with the proverbial “What if?”

   If we could hold back the seasons

     From giving us years,

     We’d stop the hands of time,

     And stay endless tears, (and so forth)

Scientists need ‘What if?’ as a basic leg in the scientific method, trial and error. Change one parameter to bring about a desired outcome, or not. Board game players run scenarios in their minds, the best of them with more than a dozen moves worked out ahead of time before a play. Governments with nuclear capability run the ‘What if’ scenarios in the War Room, the object being to get one-up on their perceived enemy.

Unfortunately, when tragedy strikes we humans work the ‘What if?’ ad infinitum. Its so easy to look back at the choices we make in life and postulate alternate outcomes. Yet too often contemplating the ‘What ifs’ tends to dull our perceptions, and sharpen the end of the finger wishing to cast blame for the outcome handed to us. Case in point, when I made the decision to move my family geographically, no one could anticipate that soon afterward our young son Stephen would suddenly fall ill and die in a matter of hours!

Working the ‘What if?’ is near mid-evil-ish, like when a supposed witch was subjected to the trial by water. If she survived, she had done so by witch’s power. Conversely, if she drowned, she wasn’t a witch, simply a dead woman who passed the test! I doubt we will ever stop ‘What if-ing,’ it’s in our nature to challenge those life outcomes handed us, yet, still there remains an uncertainty, a not knowing that bugs the hell out of us. What if we could hold back the seasons?



Recently I saw the documentary about the life of Charles Hall, Walking Among the Tall Whites. Mr. Hall as a US Air Force enlistee was stationed in Nevada at Nellis during part of the 1960’s. His encounter with tall, bleach-white skinned humanoids out in the desert is quite remarkable. I had seen a documentary exposing US the government coverup of the UFO situation, as well as intimating collusion with these alien beings (at least 5 major species were spoken of). Many of the testifying individuals are credentialed and of some notoriety.

If what was said at the end of the documentary is true, that replicants/ clones appearing very human are probably living among us, it would shed new light on a subject I brought up earlier in my blog at WideAsTexas.com.  Jesus himself could have very well been telling us that in the last days aliens would be living and walking among us! IMG_0496

I had posited (because of the angelic incursion of Genesis 6) that angelic Nephilim DNA might be found in a segment of the world’s population today, and that these people have no innate ability to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ! They are of the group where the ‘seed’ of the sower falls by the wayside, is heard, but is snatched away by Satan, thus these individuals are hearers only. On top of that, there is no way for them to ever escape being in this unresponsive group! This goes hand in hand with Jesus telling of the Wheat and the Tares.

Remember, Jesus said a landowner planted a field of wheat. Soon afterward his tender came and said Master there are Tares growing amongst the wheat, shall I go and pluck them out? To which the Master replied, No for in so doing you might mistakenly pluck out some of the wheat, wait until the end harvest, then the wheat and tares shall be separated. In this telling, Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is likened to a man who sowed good seed in his field. The implication is God ruling over the earth placed good seed (the first humans) there. He further explains that while the man slept, his enemy came and planted tares among the wheat.

Now it appeared to me these Tares were human-Nephilim hybrids and as such had no inner ability to respond to the Gospel For my proof texts I followed the “book” of life. First found mention in Exodus 32:32 where God would not blot out Moses’ name from His book. Luke 10:20 reiterates by saying rejoice because you names are written in heaven, Then Paul refers to fellow workers ‘whose names are in the book of life.”  But it is in Revelation that Jesus clarifies the situation.

Revelation 3:5 Jesus said “He who overcometh… I will not blot his nome out of the book of life.”  Rev. 13:8 they that worship the beast…”whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb…, And then finally, Rev. 17:8 …”And they that dewll on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the World,…!  Perhaps Jesus is indicating that in these last days there will be replicants/ humanoids walking around appearing human but in reality being not of this world! Group 1 has their names in Gods book, Group 2 is the grouping of individuals who were  scratched out of the book, and Group3 consists of people (tares) who never had their name in the Lamb’s Book of Life in the first place!

Hearing Aid Technos Aren’t Listening!

Hearing Aid Technos Aren’t Listening!

You know, as I got older one of the things I noticed was the tactile ability of my fingers was decreasing. Now that might not sound like much of a problem but folks who age in that way do have difficulty. Holding my guitar pick is more difficult as without that tactile-ness it can even slip right through my fingers! As if slippery picks weren’t a problem before. And that brings me to my point.

It’s not just tactile ability that is challenging to people growing older, it’s everything else; our stamina, the fragility of our bones, our eyesight, and of course, our hearing! Several years ago I read where a techno company started making larger hand-held phones for the aged in Japan with buttons the size of New York! There was a frenzy of activity in the consumer market. But that seems to be as far as ‘fixing the problem’ has gone. None of that cultural-techno-savvy bled over into the realm of hearing loss.

What we see in the market are itsy, bitsy state-of-the-art hearing aid gizmos that all but get lost in the ear canal. My father, may he rest in peace, more than twenty years ago had a molded hearing aid with buttons so small it was a wonder he ever got it to stop squealing with all that twisting and turning and flipping knobs the size of pin heads!

I want the industry to take notice: a good number of us with hearing loss and tactile challenges wouldn’t mind a hearing aid that stuck out of our ear like the latest Jawbone Bluetooth receiver! And while you’re at it, why not make it a multi-function hearing aid with phone and aid combined? I can see myself riding in the electric cart at Walmart tapping my incognito hearing aid as if I were an agent on assignment to take that call! To hear the chatter around me or to talk to the Dr.’s office secretary while on duty shopping would be great, only needing a couple taps with the finger. At the worst, I’d appear to be a savvy old guy with the latest techno phone gadget! So guys, combine all of it into one big hang-out-of-the-ear finger tapping gizmo! 

When Inspiration Hits (Part One)

When Inspiration Hits

I heard it told someone asked Country music star Willie Nelson where he got his songs from, he replied, ”I pluck ‘em out of the air!” Such notions only convince me that when fleeting inspiration strikes you, it’s like a gentle Spring shower, with a lubricating pelt here and another over there. Too often in my own life have I received a thought, or an inspirational idea, and not acted on it, only to discover down the road that someone else had run with it.

My wife and I for a period did volunteer religious work in Southeast Asia. After reestablishing in the Fort Worth area, I was still working with minority language materials in a home office. Usually, the work day was approached with singing and playing guitar, honoring God in the moment. One day I started to write down the lyrics to a song.

I didn’t stop until I had three verses and a solid chorus. You have to understand, this was the first song I had creatively written after an 11 year hiatus! I was shocked and amused at the same time. I remember being in the doorway, reading over the words scratched upon that yellow notepad. As if from behind me someone spoke, “Now, go sing it to prisoners in jail!”

Turning my head I honestly expected to see someone standing there behind me, yet there was no one, only that perceptibly audible voice. As I began to mentally argue, the voice came again even louder, “Now go sing it to prisoners in jail!”  With no one visible, again I mentally argued with the voice saying something like, “Don’t you see my language materials, my exegetical helps, my Bibles and notes, this is what I do!” The statement was confusing. The voice offered no explanation. Did he mean sing the song literally to people in jail, or figuratively, to folks generally? One last time I heard that audible voice speak the same thing.

Two weeks later my wife and I met the main chaplain at the local county jail who was over all the outside volunteer programs there at that jail. I tossed it out to him that I could sing a few hymns accompanied by guitar and if he could use that in his ministry, I wanted to be involved. (mentally I ‘talked’ to the voice, saying, see there, I opened the door). Not long after that he got me clearances, and we began a 3 ½ year association doing mini crusades in the jail lockdown pods. I’ll never forget that time, because when I sang that inspirational song, the largest, meanest-looking, bruising individuals would tear up, some cry. The truly amazing biblical story of God using Jesus to minister to just one single lost soul needing deliverance, became the Naked Gadarene Man song. I can only hope other listeners are moved as much by my song.



Babylon Working Still

Babylon Working Still

Growing up during the NASA moon landings was a cool time indeed. It didn’t take long before we heard rumors that the next thing on the horizon was a colony if not an outright military base of some sort. Of course, there was an arms race going on, it was the Cold War, or so they said. Yet, many people don’t know that Jack Parsons (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and L Ron Hubbard (Scientology) conducted a bizarre set of sexual rituals together with the intent of enthroning the ‘spirit essence’ of Babylon into the conception of a living being! Parsons died but not before testifying that the experiment had been a success. This was in the late 1940’s, and that female child would be in her 70’s today!

Parson’s brainchild, JPL, eventually morphed into what we now know as NASA. Has anyone else been bothered by all the ‘missions’ NASA conducted being named after characters in the pantheon of gods attributable to the Greco-Roman period? Couple that with what may be an occult design signature in the layout and construction of key governmental sites in Washington, D.C. and we’ve got the makings of a real conspiracy.

Dr. Thomas Horn  (Apollyon Rising 2012) cleared some of the mystery surrounding all these Greek and Roman characters, placing them within the greater picture of the ‘war in the Heavenlies.’ The Bible declares that Luciferic forces oppose the rule of Yeweh, and ever since the curse by Yeweh at that Archangel in Genesis 3:15, evil in the earth in all its forms has ramped up! Early on Nimrod, a mighty warrior set about to build a tower to reach up to heaven so he could kill Yeweh! Could it be that our beloved NASA has circumvented the platform tower in favor of rocket science propelling us there?

Where am I going with all this? Good question.  If you study the Old Testament for very long you will notice that God makes statements and uses the fixed order of the heavenly bodies to confirm the seriousness of his stated intent. As the heavens are ‘fixed’ so is the immutability of his word. Even Lucifer knew this, and sought to abrogate such when he used scripture to temp Christ in the wilderness. So then, this idea brings me to an avenue of thought I haven’t heard others mention before, use God’s own words against him!


Genesis 1:14  And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacret times, and days and years, (NIV)…Let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years, (Darby)

The prophet Daniel had visions of the future. In one vision… he speaks of a formidable character,

Daniel 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws:  (AKJV)

…and try to change the set times and the laws. (NIV)

…and think to change times and laws: (Darby)

The end-times leader is portrayed as evil, one who blasphemes God, one who will try to change the set (cosmic) laws and seasons! Why would he try to do this? To force God (Yeweh) to honor his word and reject Israel! Here’s the proof text:

Jeremiah 31:35,36

35 Thus says the Lord, who gives the sun for light by day And the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night, Who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar; The Lord of hosts is His name;

36 “If this fixed order departs from before me,” declares the Lord, “Then the offspring of Israel also will cease from being a nation before Me forever.”

At one time both the United States and Russia considered ‘blowing up the moon.’ 2   Should we be so naive as to think Satan doesn’t have such in mind? I believe that ‘antichrist’ will attempt this through human agency, the precedent is already given! Babylon working may have happened in the dessert last Century, yet the ‘working’ has been an ongoing event. There is nothing Godly about the work of NASA no matter how cloaked with well sounding words. It’s all for reaching God with an index finger wagging!

1 Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Geat Seal Revealed, 2009. Thomas Horn, Defender Publishing Co.

2 https://inhomelandsecurity.com/blow-up-moon/



Response of the Heart

It has been said of Bible truth that there needs be more than one ‘witness’ or proof to corroborate a supposition put forth regarding biblical text. In an earlier post, Don’t Pray For The Lost, I make the claim that there are people living today who simply cannot respond to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the Bible we find that God does have written records concerning human beings on this earth, our names and our deeds, for by which we will be judged. However, there is a thread of understanding that God has a ‘Book of Life’ with names in it, and that book ultimately determines who will experience eternal life, and who will experience eternal damnation! The idea smacks of predestination.

From Moses through Revelation there is mention of God’s book of life. I had posited in that earlier post that there are (3) three classes of people, beginning with the idea that ALL potentially ‘saved’ individuals have their names written in the book even before they were born! Only by the criteria Jesus Christ possesses can/and are they scratched out of his book (Revelation  3:5). However, there is a third class that “…never had their names written in the Lamb’s book of life from the foundation of the world!” (Revelation 13:8) Interesting, eh?

This would mean a group of people who individually and collectively cannot respond to the Gospel message so as to be saved. It’s impossible for them to do so! Here’s an interesting proof text. In this situation the Word of God is being sown (thrown out there) landing upon various types of soils representing the hearts of those who hear:

Luke 8:12 Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

12 and those beside the way are those hearing, then cometh the Devil, and taketh up the word from their heart, lest having believed, they may be saved. (courtesy of Biblegateway.com)

Other translations offer similar language, these folks may hear the Word of God preached, but that is as far as it goes! In this class of individuals, people cannot break away from being in this group, in the same regard that their names have never been written in God’s Book of Life! Considering the parable of the Wheat and Tares, these plants live side by side each other in the field, but are not the same thing. What do these growing things have in common? They utilize sunlight, photosynthesis, suck up nutrients and process those, demonstrate similar biology, cell growth, etc. but are entirely different plants. In the parable, the good wheat comes from God, the weeds come from the devil, they are his children. Therefore, if you hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ and your heart is ‘tugged’ so as for you to believe it, repent and believe, make a course change to your life, and know that you are not a tare! If all I’ve written here simply goes over your head, well, …

I welcome your comments and insights…