Let Me Run This By You


Masks! Why do people wear them? One, they are sick, coughing, and don’t want to spread the germs causing them the problem to others, or two, you wear a mask in hopes that some sick, coughing, wheezing, sneezing feverish butthead isn’t out shopping, or milling around, or just out to get a caffeine fix at the local Starbucks that you visit, and you are trying to protect yourself from ingesting/breathing those germs spread in the air all around you.

Good luck! Unless you wear a proper medical respirator, that mask is not your safety net.[i] And here is why I make that claim. Most people use the same cheap paper mask over and over again. Keep it in you pocket or purse, cause at every turn you’re going to need it. Oh, and if you have a costlier multi-layered cloth mask, don’t count yourself safe yet.

If you are one of those fools who wears the same mask, paper or cloth, for days on end, think again. Lets suppose your mask blocks some droplets with the Covid-19 contained. Your breath is from your mouth and lungs, moist and warm. Wear the same thing for hours and hours and you have an incubator right there on your nose! Now, you get somewhere, and you pull it off, scrunch it up or gently fold it with your hands, and now where do you think all those germs on the surface went?

But you say, “I’ve been doing it like this for months and haven’t gotten sick!” I would have to believe that is because less the masks have protected you, and more likely you just haven’t come in contact with the contagion, not on your mask, means not on your hands!

The key with this thing seems to be proximity. Those coughed out spittle droplets won’t stay suspended in the air forever, they are subject to gravity, and thus fall downward.  Another thing, the corona viruses don’t last long outside the human body, they are not just out there lurking in every dark corner somewhere.

If the US government really thought that this pandemic was as end-of-the-world as they paint it to be, they would have used the extended unemployment welfare checks money to manufacture masks that really solved the problem and give them out free to everyone like they did the with prophylactics in the high schools! Folks would be working (a good thing) and healthy (a better thing).

I wanted to run this by you, most of my points are common sense obvious. As to the “jab” business, the subject is simply too convoluted for me to comment. Although, the masks thing got people out of the practice of hugging one another, and I’ve read there are concerns of negative chemical aspects being emitted through the pores by those who did receive the ‘preventative’ shots, called slough. If this be true, I guess it is best for jabbers and non-jabbers not to embrace one another! Some even point out that more folks who received the jab have fallen sick to Covid-X more so than those individuals un-inoculated![ii] Go figure…

[i] https://wsau.com/2020/07/31/masks-dont-stop-viruses-the-proof/

[ii] https://evidencebasedliving.human.cornell.edu/2021/01/25/new-evidence-on-face-masks-to-prevent-the-spread-of-covid-19/

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