UFOs, Intergalactic? Not Likely!

There has been quite a lot of internet racket concerning what our government knows, what it suspects, and what it keeps secret from the populus. Coupled with that is the complicity of our military branches in keeping a lid on what is really going on, and it has been a world-wide phenomenom since Fatima!

I have previously laid out the whole scenerio in my two part blog series, The Art of War in the Heavenlies. The truth is our government may be in league with beings claiming to be aliens, and in physical forms not in human likeness. What we are now seeing is in part the lowering of the veil so to speak.

Physicist-engineer Stan Deyo has a book detailing his role in the design and construction of propulsion engins used in disc crafts, working back in the 60’s, 70’s under perils of secrecy. What we need understand is that these entities (aka aliens) are nothing more than angelic creatures and the like, part and parcel to the workings of Lucifer here in the earth. In ages past, scriptures states that Lucifer fell from heaven to earth, being barred from returning to his former heavenly realm of existence, barred from the presence of God. Some unknown number of heavenly beings chose to follow him. Choose to believe in God or not, cultures galore contribute to the fallen angel thesis with their myths and legends of other-worldly visitors. But think for a moment, if there is at least a thread of truth to what the Christian scriptures portray, then we must come to the conclusion that UFO activity is promulgated by beings co-habiting terra firma right along with us.

Hitler believed in a hollow earth, many North American Indian tribes ascribe their earliest ancestors as coming from inside the earth. A hollow earth theory can account for these fallen angel alien entities not so readily being seen. Yet there remains another aspect I brought up, that of cross-dimentional travel. We find evidence of Jesus using this means in the gospels and Acts. Do these fallen angels use this means of travel too?

These unseen entities are referred to as the “powers of darkness,” and you don’t have to travel far in 3rd world countries to learn of the fear and dread perpetrated upon many cultures. And those of us Westerners who have come in contact with the ‘dark powers’ understand they are real, yet being unseen, they remain anomalous.

One thought on “UFOs, Intergalactic? Not Likely!

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