The Witness of Two

The Testimony of Two

Whenever we are confronted with new information it is good to have a number of sources that speak to the same idea/ concept/ or truth. In other words, truth, say in the scientific world, might come from differing avenues but address the same thing. Water for instance is known to the chemist as two hydrogen molecules attached to a single oxygen molecule. The biologist sees water as a fluid component of nearly every living life form, and emphasizes such. To the physicist water can exist in several forms, liquid, gas, or semi-solid. Each of these scientific voices would speak to the importance and character of water.

When Bill Gates licensed his Microsoft operating system software to those making the actual physical computer, it brought the device a special life of its own; it could then perform analytical tasks, correlate and co-gregate untold bytes of data, and even allow the user to process such materials with the creation of documents! Yet, Steve Jobs and his Apple computing devices brought about the same results, while using a different underlying operating system, and sometimes, different physical components! In other words, from two mutually differing sources the same end can be achieved.

The above are positive instances of convergent differences. This can also work in the negative. What comes to mind is in the area of legality. Just on the accusation of one person, another can be tainted for life. In this regard I’m reminded of how precarious the field of teaching is in this day and age. Children often have a disregard for teachers if not even for their own parents. The instances of lip-giving to teachers by their charges is alarming. In some areas, the teens rule the school and not the other way around. A teacher today has to tread on eggshells as it were, nay say any child say, “He touched me!” or “She touched me!” And if a child is reprimanded in school, what’s stopping them from bringing some measure of retribution by faulty accusation? The accused is presumedguilty until proven otherwise! They wear a scarlet letter no matter what the outcome.

In the bible, Jesus speaks to the lawyers in John 8:17,

“Even in your law it has been written that the testimony of two men is true.” 

I would hope that the authorities would value the word of two or more than the accusation of one. And this brings me to my point. When one does research on a topic, it is hoped that multiple data points are found that support a thesis, at the very least, two sources, and I think I have a second source for an ear-tickling topic.

On[i]Dr. Kim presents a case for Satan having a literal son. I believe most of his points are valid, and would add my support as corroborating the thesis he puts forth, by offering a second source of proof to the matter. To begin we must understand the foundational verse in the bible that potentially establishes such a thesis.  

Soon after the fall of Adam and Eve, God addresses the beguiling serpent there in the garden stating: I will put enmity between you and the woman, between thy seed and her seed. He shall bruise thy head and you shall bruise his heel.(Genesis 3:15)[ii]

Theologians generally agree that the wording “her seed” is a reference to Christ who would incarnate many hundreds of years later as Jesus, Jesus the Messiah. Yet, these same experts gloss over the wording “thy seed,” by delegitimizing what the text plainly indicates; that as the woman (will have) a physical descendant, so shall the serpent have a physical descendant! For them, it is ok to take and teach the woman’s seed literally, but the satanic seed figuratively. This is a no-no. If this God-given curse / prognostication be taken literally, then many other bible passages jump to the light of true understanding. For instance, in the parable of the Wheat and the Tares,[iii]Jesus instructs us that the farmer established good seed of wheat in his garden but an enemy came and sowed the tares. Given that what is at stake here is the integrity of human DNA, Jesus instructs us that the enemy is sewing something of differing DNA, thus we understand these tares to be human-angel hybrids! Where is this indicated?

Three chapters over in Genesis 6 we find that the “sons of God” have taken human woman and raped them producing a race of fallen ones, the Nephilim, regarded as giants in the earth. Before the chapter comes to an end, God is bringing a flood to cleanse the earth. What do you think the flood is cleansing the earth from? Not only does the bible state the wickedness of continual evil thoughts and imaginations, it speaks to the sexually corrupted human DNA of his creation! The evil perpetrated by fallen angels (sons of God) upon humankind only continually caused evil to multiply, and salient to this was the sexual promiscuity amongst the whole bunch that continually corrupted the human DNA gene pool! The flood erased the blackboard, and with Noah, the human population began again, he being “perfect in his generations,” meant true human. Ah, but the bible tells us that although there was a new start, corrupted DNA was still with us.[iv]Now catch this, the second voice of proof.

Exodus chapter 32 records a most grievous sin. The Israelites have been delivered from Egypt, are in the wilderness, and Moses has gone up the mountain to receive the Law of God. God tells him the people below are sinning and wants to consume the whole bunch! After Moses confronts them, he heads back up the mountain to plead for their lives with God. In verse 32 Moses asks God to forgive their sin, and if not, he asks God to ‘blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book which thou hast written!’

There are two instances where such a ‘book’ is mentioned within the New Testament, but in Revelation, it is plainly referred to as the ‘book of life.’ Revelation 3:5 has Jesus speaking, saying “He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white rainment, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.”

What this verse tells me is that God has a book with names in it, I believe it to be a book of the names of all true human beings (having no corrupted DNA), and that perhaps, every true human at birth has their name in this book. For reasons only Jesus knows, those names may be blotted out of the book of life.

Now, over in Revelation 13:8 we find it is the beast worshipers that do not have their name written in the Lamb’s book of Life, and then we see in Revelation 17:8 individuals living upon the earth that have neverhad their names written in the Lamb’s book of Life from the beginning! Never been there at all!

Thus in proof, we see there are three groups:

  1. Every true human with his/ her name in God’s book of life
  2. a grouping of true humans who have had their names blotted out of the book,
  3. and a group of beings that have never had their name in God’s book to begin with!

How do we account for this latter group if they are the Tares planted by the enemy? And remember, by the very tenants of the parable, Wheat and Tares are not the same thing, similar, but not the same. Hey folks, I didn’t implicate this, the Lord himself forewarned us!


[ii]King James Bible, Genesis 3:15

[iii]Parable of Wheat and Tares is found in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 13

[iv]Long after the world repopulated after the Noahic Flood, we come to understand that God again chose a man, Abraham, to initiate a special people group, one with a covenant with God Almighty. After traveling to the land where God would bless Abraham, and he establishes there, we see in Genesis 19 that a relative has chosen to live in the city Sodom. Angels are sent to destroy the city for its continual wickedness, and again we see the sexual promiscuity has gone so far that the men of Sodom wish to have sex with the two angel messengers. This indiscriminate sexual behavior was prevalent before flood, and is now witnessed again enraging the Lord. That human men had a deep desire to fornicate with male angels demonstrated the ongoing corruption of human DNA.

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