Where Have All The Statues Gone?

Since the dawn of time there has never been a universal understanding that we humans are “all one.” Many anthropologists today in recreating Neanderthal livelihood are in agreement that Neanderthals were a peripheral social group only infrequently interbreeding with the dominant homo sapiens, but mostly marginal, and self-keeping. Just who are we to think that everyone is equal? Worthy of equal regard one to another?

Even within a species there are demarcating factors; differing bird species may share the same tree throughout the day to shelter from the rain or beating rays of the Sun, but they do not otherwise mingle (except if attacking the same food source at the same time! And this harkens back to Darwinian theory survival of the fittest).

Human history has shown that there are those who subjugate and those who are subjugated. From our work place to the sports arena, someone is always vying for the position that offers the most prestige, power, glory, adulation, and perhaps, remuneration; money. From this vantage point can be seen the backs of those who bear the indignation of being less than the top dog.

So why listen to the voices that cry for equality, for unity? Good question. I don’t think everyone out there marching against perceived injustices has done the long and hard of it in thinking this thing through. Black people cannot get it out of their heads that they are no longer slaves. In every direction, the injustice of their American heritage haunts them, and it is the filter through which they look at the world around them. Testimony to this are those pulling down statues and monuments of past human American history in an effort much like that proverbial bird burying its head in the sand! Out of sight is supposed to bring an out of mind experience? I think not. If monuments to Dr. Martin Luther King are to be meaningful for generations to come, there should be representatives of the antagonists his movement attempted to dispel. What was King fighting for? The livelihood of black people! Yet we forget, those southern generals led southern men in the fight for their rights and freedom granted to them by the then government right up to the Civil War. White Southerners were not anarchists, but survivalists, fighting for the just cause of their freedom! Civil War monument figures should stand, not for the atrocities committed against black slaves, but for their part in sacrificing their lives for the freedoms, the rights and liberties this country had granted citizens, and then decided to take away! Perhaps our government through ever encroaching legislation is still taking!

If the demographic studies carried out in the 1990s proves correct, it won’t be but 10-15 years from now that Muslims may be torching and defacing these march for peace emblems of our history in their effort to bring about a Sharia led, United States of Islam! And this is done with the ultimate goal of a One World Government, a One World Religion under a One World Leader! We better wake up, America!

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