I Hate Crimes Bill

I Hate Crimes Bill

Have you ever wondered why so many laws seem to overlap previously enacted legislation? Take for instance the Hate Crimes Bill. Other bills make willful mistreatment of another a criminal offense, why then a Hate Crimes Bill?

Musing upon this it came to me that all these other laws deal with the action of the perpetrator. Example, the murder law doesn’t specifically spell out the infinite ways someone might murder another, it is a ‘blanket’ law of restriction. However, the Hate Crimes Bill explores another aspect embodied in the word, hate. Hate deals with motivation and without explanation is itself the reason someone committed the antisocial behavior, hate being the motivator. Barring all other contributing motivation, if one goes to trial court under this bill, hate is deemed the motivation behind the act.

Now it is up to the authorities to decide if one would be tried under this bill, but what if there is a hidden agenda not so prevalent to our understanding? That got me thinking of all the scenarios wherein this bill could come into play. Stay with me now. Let’s suppose a few guys in the back woods somewhere come upon a Bigfoot. They shoot the thing dead. Now Bigfoot or Sasquatch hunting is a big draw in some parts of the country, and I’ve even seen some Youtube videos where a guy admits killing one, or holds up a head, or whatever. Under this new law, I’d imagine it possible to convict a person of murder, if the definition is broadened to include these other entities. I say entities, because frankly there may be quite a few non-totally-human entities around!

A guy found a group of fairies in the woods in England. Killing one could be hateful. What of more Bigfoot or Sasquash discoveries? Hateful to kill them? And now, the big one. Aliens! If a person killed an extraterrestrial entity, how would our law look at that? Case in point, some years ago I was doing language work in Indonesia. In a remote jungle area, I had privilege of talking to a young man in a mud-floor hut for several hours. He told me a story. Some distance away in another village a small 3 foot tall naked ‘ashen’ colored person suddenly appeared. He didn’t talk or try to interchange with the natives, but simply stood watching. He did this for several nights, which frightened the natives. The young man admitted to the fear saying they killed the little fellow and hid his body, burying him deeper in the jungle. I asked if he could draw a likeness of the man, to which he drew a picture of a three-fingered entity with bulbous head and almond shaped eyes! I asked why he said he was the color of fire ashes, cause he had used that word to describe him, and he replied that I was ‘putih’ white, he was ‘hitam’ black, but the dead little guy was ‘abu’ grey or ashen in color! These natives had killed an alien grey!

Could our Hate Crimes Bill be used against anyone who ‘kills’ an alien entity? The writing is on the wall! Our government has been enamored with space and finding other life forms, UFOs and aliens since the 1940’s, and legend has it that they (alien species) are here already among us. The Catholic Church wants to be first to ‘baptize’ one of them. Could we be tried in court for killing an alien under this bill?

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