Abuse: No More Black & Blue

As a singer/songwriter I’m like most, we write about life aspects that we love or hate, or those insights we simply have to share. Music is the medium, the lyrics paint the imagery for us. I have become increasingly aware of abusive situations. The ‘dominance’ factor works both ways. Although statistics show higher the incidence of men abusing women and children, the opposite number is rising.  Additionally, the rise of abusive same-sex relationships is also on the rise. We should be so wise a society to see these problems couples have, and that in itself is the problem, we don’t.

The emotional ties in the love-hate relationships run varied and deep. Most often the abused remains mute, and does little in the way of escaping the abusive cycle. Yet their heart’s cry remains “Don’t you see my scars, my aching heart…”

Which brings me to my song I Want To Dream In Color Not This Black and Blue wherein I touch upon this seemingly catch 22 situation. The black and blue of physical abuse can often be seen, but abuse of a person’s psyche remains, and emotional ties are the hardest to break. Check it out at http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/theodoreahenningii

or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTAAKkLu9xI


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